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John M. Horton: Mariner Artist

John M. Horton: Mariner Artist

By Ampersand

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From vessels, harbours and major seaports to Canadian troops in the Persian Gulf, the subjects of John M. Horton's paintings tell a story, and this exquisite book presents some of the artist's finest work, along with a revealing look at his life and professional development.

Horton's work is second to none, and his paintings are prized by collectors all over the world. A member of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists, the Federation of Canadian Artists and The Honourable Company of Master Mariners of Canada, Horton is also an official Canadian naval war artist.

Horton's marine art captures today and yesterday—people, places and events as we know and remember them. His paintings grace the walls of corporate offices, private homes, mansions, museums and even ships at sea. While there are many artists who paint marine scenes, few have Horton's ability to delineate accurately the architecture of a ship. And few compare when it comes to depicting the history of maritime events through their work.

Horton's portrayals range from the Pacific voyages of discovery when captains Cook and Vancouver first anchored off British Columbia to contemporary settings on urban and rural waterfronts. He gives us glimpses of other parts of the world, of the military at work, of bustling ports and tranquil inlets. Celebrating the beauty of the land and the majesty of the sea, this collection of paintings, complemented by Horton's intimate observations, showcases the scope and vision of this talented artist.

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