DVD - Our Voices, Our Stories by Barb Cranmer

DVD - Our Voices, Our Stories by Barb Cranmer

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Our Voices, Our Stories

I'tustogalis: Rising Up Together
Demolition Ceremony of the St Michael's Residential School February 18, 2015.
A film by Barbara Cranmer



Imagine for a moment, your six year-old child taken from you. Taken to a place far away from the love and security of home, family and community. In 1879, the Government of Canada implemented the Residential School System to eliminate the "Indian problem". This caused great devastation to our People for generations.

In 1929, St. Michael's Residential School opened its doors in Alert Bay. It was the largest school operated by the Anglican Church. First Nations children from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia were taken from their homes.

We continue to strive for healing and forgiveness. The resilience of our People survived a very dark and devastating period. In this day in history, we come together and send a powerful message of strength, healing and hope for the future. In this film, our People share, in their own voices, their stories of personal trauma.

This will never happen again in our history as a People.

39 minutes | Barb Cranmer

'Namgis First nation

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