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Grouse Plaque Carvings and Plaques

Grouse Plaque

By Thomas Bruce

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Carved by Thomas Bruce

11"h. x 10"w. x 1"d. (16"h. with cedar)

The Grouse in the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw Mythology

Grouse is the chief of the Atlak'am (dance of the forest spirits) series and is called Xamsalilala. The Atlakam beings are the spirit of the woods. He is an excellent carpenter and canoe builder and he is one of those sent to make the artificial whale when the myth people intend to make war on the Thunderbird. Grouse is also the first one to make a hunting canoe and hunting paddles, which were given to him by one of the ancestors of the Kwagu'l.

About the artist Thomas Bruce

Kwakwaka’wakw artist Thomas was born in 1980 and is a member of the ‘Namgis Band. Thomas is a talented young artist creating traditional Kwakwaka’wakw artwork. Although he hasn’t been carving long, Thomas began carving under the direction of Wayne Alfred, his grasp of the fundamentals of carving are evident in the caliber of his work.

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