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Kingfisher Plaque Carvings and Plaques

Kingfisher Plaque

By Jason Baker

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Carved by Jason Baker

3"h. x 4.5"w. x 0.5"d. 

About the artist Jason Baker

Jason Baker T̕łat̕łała’wis was born in Alert Bay, BC on March 30, 1970.  He traces his ancestry to the Squamish First Nation and to the ‘Namgis “Alert Bay and Nimpkish Valley Tribe” of the Kwakwaka’wakw “Kwak̕wala Speaking People”. Jason has been apprenticing with Master Carvers Wayne Alfred and Beau Dick. He has been carving for ten years in wood and carves intricate plaques and model totems using the traditional art forms of his ancestors.

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