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Raven Plaque Carvings and Plaques

Raven Plaque

By Shaun Paul

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Carved by Shaun Paul

21.5"h. x 9"w. 1"d.

The Raven in the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw Mythology

It is seldom expressly stated that the chief characters among the myth people, Kwekwaxa'we and O' mat are the raven, but in discussions about the tales the identification has been made repeatedly" write Franz Boas about the Raven and his importance in Kwakwaka'wakw mythology.
The famous anthropologist explains by instance: "They have a great many adventures many of which embody origins tales. He obtains the Daylight and fresh water, makes the river, fills them with salmon, marries a dead twin woman in order to obtain salmon. When unsuccessful in this attempt he abducts the daughter of the salmon chief. He liberates the daylight, secures the tides from the wolves, causes the tides to turn, obtains the fire and liberates the herring, obtains the soil, overcomes the Southeast Wind, and paints the birds

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