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Raven Tales - Episode 14 - Dream, Dream, Dream DVDs

Raven Tales - Episode 14 - Dream, Dream, Dream

By Raven Tales

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Gwayum is worried about Widi's day-dreaming, so Frog tells her about the earliest times before the world when the Great Spirit decided to fill the space with light and life.

He created the land and said, "Everything is ready now." He thought about what kinds of creatures he would make until he fell asleep, dreaming of plants of all colors, insects, animals, birds and human beings. When he awoke, the Great Spirit saw Raven, Eagle and Frog at play in this first world, and he realized the world of his dream had become his creation. “We must not question the dreamers amongst us,” says Frog, “but be patient and help them if we can. They are the creators.”

Gwayum takes this to heart and as Frog hops away Widi jumps up. “I’ve got it!” He runs to the others and tells them he knows how to make a boat fly. They all laugh at him, but Gwayum offers to help. Working together, they take a length of fabric and attach it to a pole, which he puts in his tiny boat. It is a sail, and sure enough, it makes the boats fly over the water.

"Raven Tales....is majestic in scope, rich in colour, and an excellent source of traditional inspirational storytelling."


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