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The First Beaver Books

The First Beaver

By Heritage House Publishing

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This is the story of how the first beaver came to be. It tells of a young girl, Reedee, who is born with hair the color of Mother Earth, not the color of the Raven like the rest of the people in her clan. It isn't just her hair that sets Reedee apart: at night, when everyone else sleeps, Reedee disappears into the forest. Her parents are dismayed, but when they learn that Reedee has a path she must follow on her own, they support her and allow her to become her true self.Caroll Simpson's charming tale is illustrated with her own vivid color paintings, which capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and also depict First Nations culture in the details of everyday life portrayed in the articles of traditional clothing, baskets and boxes. The book includes a glossary of crests and their significance in First Nations culture.

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