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The Quadra Story: A History of Quadra Island

The Quadra Story: A History of Quadra Island

By Raincoast Books

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Quadra Island, the largest and most populated of the Discovery Islands at the top end of Georgia Strait, has a history loaded with adventure. From the We Wai Kai warriors of the 19th century to the loggers, gold miners, prostitutes and ranchers who followed, its people have provided the stuff of legend. Taylor draws us into the story of her island home with tales of people like WeKai, the ancestor of the We Wai Kai First Nation, Reginald Heber Pidcock, the crusty potlatch-busting Indian Agent and Helen Bull, the notorious mistress of the Heriot Bay Hotel, who survived a point blank pistol shot.

The Quadra Story: A History of Quadra Island is the product of decades of research that dates back to Taylor's years with the BC Archives and the Museum at Campbell River. The end result is as engaging as a novel while affording a deep understanding of the turmoil European settlement brought for the First Nations people and the adventure and privation settlers experienced in their search for a better life.

Taylor's recent book, Tidal Passages: A History of the Discovery Islands a companion title to The Quadra Story, hit the BC Bestseller List in 2009 and was praised by reviewers as well as long-time residents of the Discovery Islands.
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