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The Totem Poles of Stanley Park Books

The Totem Poles of Stanley Park

By Vickie Jensen


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Author - Vickie Jensen

When totem poles were first erected in Vancouver's Stanley Park in the early 1920s, they were a source of fascination for visitors and locals alike. Today that keen interest continues, with thre million people visiting the totem poles each year! The Totem Poles of Stanley Part introduces readers to the fascination Northwest Coast Native culture area. This 80-page resource combines lively text with abundant photographs, illustrations and maps to answer the most frequently-asked questions. It details each of the Park's totem poles, from the carved figures to the stories of the pole of r the artist who create it. This convenient guide also provides basic information on the Northwest Coast art and how to identify common crest figures. Vickie Jensen is a Vancouver author and photographer who has written several books on totem pole carving. She and her anthropologist husband have co-authored more that 40 native language and culture school books for First Nations groups.

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