Tʼsasała Cultural Group

Featuring traditional Kwakwaka'wakw dances and performances by the Tʼsasała Dance Group representing various tribes within our language group are presented throughout July and August. All dances and songs are presented with pride and have our Elders approval, and remain unchanged since our Creator gave them to us. The public dance performances for 2022 will resume at the 'Namgis Big House, starting Saturday July 2 2022. Please call for details on admission and other special events.

The most important of our sacred dances, is the Hamatʼsa or cannibal dance. This dance is the re-enactment of a young man's possession by a cannibal spirit living at the North end of the world. Dance and songs along with rituals tame the man, bringing him back to his human self.

We are very proud to share our culture with you in these performances.


For more info check out the Tʼsasała Cultural Group website

Photography: Timo Reisiger