Kwakwaka'wakw Artists

We are very honoured to feature such a large collection of works from various Kwakwaka'wakw artists. Below you can find a comprehensive list of those artists (both alive and passed), as well as more information regarding their creative lives. We will continue to update this listing so please check back or contact us for more information.

AJ Scow  John Livingston 
Anthany Joseph  Johnathan Henderson 
Arthur (Potsie) Smith  Kelsey Nelson 
Arthur Shaugnessy  Keri Dick 
Aubrey Johnston  Kevin Cranmer 
Aubrey Johnston Jr.  K’odi Neslon 
Barry Scow  Val Lancaser 
Beau Dick  Larence Scow 
Benji Rufus Jr.  Lawrence Isaac 
Bethany Speck  Leonard Scow 
Bill Henderson  Liz Kufas 
Bobby Joseph  Lorne Smith 
Brian Arnie Wadhams  Lou-Ann Neel 
Brian Scow  Marcus Alfred 
Bruce Alfred  Mark Henderson 
Bryan Hunt  Martha Bruce 
Calvin Hunt  Maxine Matilpi 
Carey Newman  Maynard Johnny Jr. 
Carl Wamiss (Voyageur)  Michael Glendale 
Chris Cook III  Morris Johnny 
Chris Glendale  Ozzie Wadhams 
Cole Speck  Paddy Seaweed 
Corrine Hunt  Patrick Hunt 
Dan Wallace  Peter Dawson 
David Knox  Peter Smith 
Debbie Hunt  Ralph Shaughnessy 
Dempsey Cook  Randel Cook 
Dennis Johnson  Richard Baker 
Diane Bell  Richard Glendale 
Dion Alfred  Richard Hunt 
Don Alfred  Rick Johnson 
Don Svanvik  Rod Stadnyk 
Donald Lancaster  Ross Henderson 
Donovan Cook  Rupert Scow 
Ed (Benji) Rufus Jr.  Ryan Cranmer 
Eugene Hunt  Sam Shaughnessy 
Eugene Isaac  Sam Willie 
Fah Ambers  Sandy Johnson 
Fran Dick  Sean Whonnock 
Frank Nelson  Shawn Karpes 
Gary Peterson  Shayne Salmon  
George Hunt Jr.  Shirley Hunt 
Gilbert Dawson  Silas Coon Jr.  
Godfrey John Bruce  Stan Hunt III 
Gord Hill  Stan Wamiss 
Gordon Mellish  Stephen Bruce 
Greg Henderson  Stephen Hunt 
Harold Alfred  Terrance Isaac 
Harry Alfred  Thomas Bruce 
Hein Schoer  Tim Alfred 
Henry Hunt  Tom Bruce Sr. Pole 
Henry Speck  Tom D. Hunt 
Herbert Cook  Tom Whonnock 
Herman Bruce  Tony Hunt Jr. 
Herman Bruce Jr.  Tony Hunt Sr. 
Ira Etzerza  Tracy Cranmer 
James Speck Jr.  Trevor Hunt 
James Taylor  Valerie Lancaster 
Jason Baker  Valerie Morgan 
Jason Hunt  Vincent Shaughnessy 
Jason Pat  Wally Bernard 
Jeff McDougall  Wayne Alfred 
Jerry Smith  William (Billy) Cook III 
Joe Willie  Williams Wasden Jr. 
Joe Wilson  Willie Seaweed 
John Lancaster  Yvonne Wilson