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A Walk with the Rainy Sisters: In Praise of British Columbia's Places

A Walk with the Rainy Sisters: In Praise of British Columbia's Places

By Harbour Publishing

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The City of Victoria Butler Book Prize (2011)
This book is a lyrical testament to a great love affair between the writer and his region. In A Walk with the Rainy Sisters, one of British Columbia's favourite authors writes with passion about his favourite topic--the geography of British Columbia. Stephen Hume guides readers through the natural world, moving from the thin, cold air of British Columbia's high country to the fecundity and silence of the deep rainforest. He writes of the iridescence of dragonflies dancing out brief lives above summer ponds and the brittle forests of glass sponges growing in the lightless depths of the continental shelf, where they have flourished undisturbed since the Jurassic. Hume contemplates the meaning of rain; the tawny islets in the Salish Sea; what the night sky tells us about our place in time; people who choose to live at the margins and the relentless passage of lives and seasons, loss and renewal.

"What Hume has forgotten about this province is more than most journalists will ever know," wrote Terry Glavin. Roberta Morris wrote, "He unburies language." A Walk with the Rainy Sisters invites readers once again to share the author's love and awe of this province.

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