Birds of British Columbia: A Photographic Journey

Birds of British Columbia: A Photographic Journey

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More species of birds breed in British Columbia annually than anywhere else in Canada. Additionally, hundreds of migratory birds spend a portion of the year here, making BC a birdwatcher’s paradise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gung-ho, out-in-the-field birdwatcher or if you enjoy winged friends from the serenity of your back porch, Birds of British Columbia is an easy way to get the best views of more than 100 of the different birds in this province.

From the rare Marbled Murrelet to the common Steller’s Jay, ferocious falcons to timid towhees, Glenn Bartley has captured the beauty of BC’s feathered fliers in this stunning collection of photographs. Whether you’re looking for an elusive Boreal Owl or simply want to revel in the magnificence of a swooping Peregrine Falcon, Bartley’s incredible photographs of birds in their natural habitats will make even the ubiquitous gull look extraordinary.


Glenn Bartley is a professional nature photographer who focuses on capturing intimate portraits of birds in their natural surroundings. He is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult-to-photograph birds from the Neotropical Region and for his portfolio of hummingbird images. Glenn’s work is regularly published in nature books and magazines throughout North America, and he is the author and photographer of Birds of Vancouver Island. Glenn also leads instructional photographic workshops to exciting destinations throughout the Americas. He lives in Victoria, BC. To see more of Glenn’s work, visit


"This is an impressive and passionate tribute to the birds and natural environments of British Columbia, full of stunning images and interesting information. . . . This book is certain to bring joy not only to bird lovers and naturalists, but to anyone who peruses its pages. —Peter Candido, British Columbia Birds
“I've watched Glenn Bartley evolve into one of the best bird photographers in the world today. Few can match his ability to capture the perfect moment, displaying the essence of each subject, giving us some insight into their private lives. Birds of British Columbia is a remarkable achievement by a gifted artist.” —Ron Ridout, Bird Studies Canada
Birds of British Columbia is a visual celebration of the amazing diversity of bird species found in Canada's western-most province. Glenn Bartley provides vivid and intimate portraits of BC's winged wildlife.” —Gwen Barlee, Wilderness Committee
“Glenn Bartley is among a very small handful of the finest bird photographers in North America. The images and writing in his newest book are outstanding.” —Brian E. Small, photo editor, Birding Magazine
"Glenn Bartley's Birds of British Columbia is full of vivid, wonderful images. As I looked through them I exclaimed under my breath: Wow! What a shot! Oh my gosh! Lovely! That sums up the quality of this book.” —Robert Bateman
“The extraordinary images in this book are a testament to both the amazing diversity of birds in British Columbia and the sheer talent of Glenn Bartley as a nature photographer.” —Dick Cannings, biologist, birder and author