Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art Vol. 2

Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art Vol. 2

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This companion manual to Volume 1 puts First Nations art into deeper cultural context, providing Native Indian philosophy, knowledge and skills foundation, code of ethics, and interviews with a contemporary First Nations family, as well as some aspects of historical context and a description of the Potlatch. A full colour, 16-page creation story with 20 designs is included. Additional topics include: contemporary design evolution with 50 examples, 20 designs to draw and paint, and a Quick Reference Chart containing over 100 designs.


About the Author

Jim Gilbert, B.A.
April 8, 1932 - November 14, 2000

For thirty years, Jim Gilbert was an active artist working mainly in the art form of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations. He worked in most coastal Aboriginal Art styles with artistic production ranging from original graphics, limited and open edition prints, carvings in wood, ivory, bone and stone, to hand engraved and sculptured jewellery pieces in silver and gold.

Jim was raised in Brentwood Bay on Saanich Inlet. His early fishing and hunting partners were First Nations people. That, along with the influence of his father's work in Northwest Coast First Nations art, ensured Jim's lifelong affinity to the culture. He was a versatile and award winning artist in both traditional and contemporary styles. Jim was trained under a traditional Kwagulth Art apprenticeship with the Hunt family of Victoria. He worked with and for Master carver, Tony Hunt, and learned the basics from Master carver, Henry Hunt, and felt privileged to have danced at Henry's funeral potlatch. Over the years, Jim was commissioned by a number of First Nations people to produce carvings and silver jewellery to be used for ceremonial activities.

In this two-volume publication, Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, Volumes 1 & 2, companions for the previously published Learning by Doing Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, Jim shares his passion and respect for the art form and passes on his own training, understanding, skill, and experience with traditional art apprenticeship methods. His experience teaching First Nations art in Victoria schools gave him an understanding of effective methods of passing on artistic knowledge and skills.

Jim used his artistic skills to create over fifteen hundred original illustrations for both volumes of Learning by Designing. His qualifications as a biologist, teacher, artist and author made him uniquely suited to be involved in the production of this extensive, working guide and reference book.

Jim's continuing desire was to pass on his knowledge and appreciation for the art. In his own words, "It is important to me to pass on what I have learned and to make others aware of the value of the finest and most sophisticated art form ever developed by an aboriginal people."

Karin Clark, M.Ed.

Writer/teacher/artist Karin Clark has had over 20 years experience working with children and adults. Most of this time has been spent learning and teaching with British Columbia's First Nations in public and private schools, colleges, art classes, aboriginal/social studies courses, and university teacher education programs.

In her first book, Learning by Doing Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, co-authored with Jim Gilbert, she used her experiences and training in special and cultural education to produce an easy-to-follow, beginner’s skill development curriculum. Karin spends her work time evaluating teaching/learning strategies and materials; creating curriculum material, writing story books and readers; using frameworks to create First Nations language programs; creating material and workshops to: enhance thinking skills, self-esteem and motivation, create Native Indian art, learn and teach; and designing flyers and brochures. Currently she is instructing at North Island College (Vancouver Island) in Adult Basic Education and Adult Special Education.

In writing Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art with Jim, she has been able to use all her skills and experience to create a useful resource for artists, students, teachers, and collectors designed to foster respect for First Nations culture through art.