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Letters to My Grandchildren

Letters to My Grandchildren

By Heritage House

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In these inspiring letters to his grandchildren, David Suzuki speaks passionately about their future. He challenges them to speak out and act on their beliefs, explains why sports are important, decries the lack of elders and grandparents in the lives of many people, especially immigrants, and champions the importance of heroes.

The most personal of his books, Letters to My Grandchildren includes stories from Suzuki’s own remarkable life—such as how he spent summers harvesting potatoes and celery as a child to make money for his family and why he has always preferred to work in radio rather than TV. He also provides an intimate look at his life as a father and grandfather and writes moving individual letters to each of his six grandchildren, including letters to his two Haida grandchildren about the importance of their First Nations heritage. And he speaks candidly and eloquently about old age and death.

As he ponders life’s deepest questions and offers up a lifetime of wisdom, Suzuki inspires us all to live with courage, conviction, and passion.

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