Marine Mammals of British Columbia: Royal BC Museum Handbook

Marine Mammals of British Columbia: Royal BC Museum Handbook

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In Marine Mammals of British Columbia, Dr John Ford presents the latest information on 31 species that live in or visit Canada's west-coast waters: 25 cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and 6 carnivores (seals, sea lions and the Sea Otter).

He discusses their general biology, including how they feed, communicate, reproduce and behave in the marine environment. He also describes each species and summarizes its distribution, habitat, social organization, exploitation by humans, conservation status and much more.

This book includes:

    • more than 100 colour photographs to help identify species and show aspects of behaviour;
    • colour illustrations of all species, showing distinctions between males, females and young;
    • line drawings of skulls;
    • maps showing sightings in BC;
    • pointers on where to find each species and how to identify them at sea; and
    • identification keys for whole animals and skeletal remains.

Marine Mammals of British Columbia is an indispensable field guide and reference book for naturalists, boaters and anyone interested in sea life.