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Sky Wolf's Call

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From healing to astronomy to our connection to the natural world, the lessons from Indigenous knowledge inform our learning and practices today.

How do knowledge systems get passed down over generations? Through the knowledge inherited from their Elders and ancestors, Indigenous Peoples throughout North America have observed, practiced, experimented, and interacted with plants, animals, the sky, and the waters over millennia. Knowledge keepers have shared their wisdom with younger people through oral history, stories, ceremonies, and records that took many forms.

In Sky Wolf’s Call, award-winning author team of Eldon Yellowhorn and Kathy Lowinger reveal how Indigenous knowledge comes from centuries of practices, experiences, and ideas gathered by people who have a long history with the natural world. Indigenous knowledge is explored through the use of fire and water, the acquisition of food, the study of astronomy, and healing practices.

*A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection


“An authoritative tribute to Indigenous knowledge systems that’s a must-have for every library and classroom.”

- Kirkus Reviews, *starred review, 03/02/22

“SKY WOLF’S CALL has an astoundingly broad scope introducing Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in North America from time immemorial to the current day . . . This fast paced celebration of Indigenous innovation and technology is riveting.”

- The British Columbia Review, 03/22/22

“SKY WOLF’S CALL, with its variety of information types and sources, will make an excellent school resource for any student interested in Indigenous knowledge and practices themselves, but it’s also an important resource on any project or interest related to environmental issues, sustainability, environmental rehabilitation, and reconciliation, itself.”

- CM Reviews, 03/18/22

“This relevant, timely and appealingly designed book is highly recommended for young readers who are looking to learn more about the knowledge and contributions of Indigenous people.”

- Booklist, *starred review, 05/01/22