Strong Learners Memory Matching Cards: Marine

Strong Learners Memory Matching Cards: Marine

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At Strong Nations we strive to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all learners with our products. Our Strong Learners products can work both independently, or to support our Strong Nations books.

25 Cards – 1 Instructional Card and 2 each of the following:
• Bull Kelp
• Mossy Chiton
• Ochre Sea Star
• Decorator Crab
• Giant Green Anemone
• Giant Pacific Octopus
• Glaucous-winged Gull
• Pacific Blue Mussels
• Orca
• Sea Otter
• Purple Sea Urchin
• Steller Sea Lion

Memory Matching Card Games support young learners to develop and strengthen their ability to recall information. Some other benefits include:

· social interaction
· improve concentration
· pay attention to detail
· turn taking
· brain exercise
· ability to stay focused

Card Game Creator: Terri Mack

Additional Information
25 cards per set | 4.5" x 3.5" | Cellophane wrapped | ISBN: 459312866000